JetX Betting Game Review

You seem to have missed a new exciting release with high payouts.

The Internet is buzzing about the new JetX game 🚀, online casinos attach banners with it to their main pages. However, this specialty game is still a new and unfamiliar title for lots of players.

Being true betting fans, we couldn’t have failed to check it ourselves and tell you about this new release in detail.

That’s why we launched the JetX Crash-type game on the official SmartSoft Gaming site and studied it inside and out. This way, we have prepared the best JetX online review for you, answering the most important questions:

  • 🤔 What JetX is?
  • 🕹️ How to play it?
  • 🏆and most importantly, how to win at it?

What JetX is: a brief & comprehensive guide

JetX is an arcade-style betting game with a very simple gameplay, released by the SmartSoft Gaming provider. That is what it is about: a plane flies higher, making the bet multiplier bigger (which is indicated by the bigger letter X). At a certain moment (and you never know when it is) the vehicle explodes, and stakes cease to increase. The round is over.

However, you’re not an idle observer. We can say that you have the flight control in the JetX game, no pun intended. After your stakes are made, you’ll need to listen to your instincts, and remove your funds when the right time comes.

The core principle of the JetX money game is the following:

🎰 MAKE A BET. Before the plane takes off, you should place a stake — or even two!

💰 CASHOUT YOUR WIN. Press the Collect button before the plane crashes

👀 WATCH THE MULTIPLIER. As the jet flies higher, your potential winning keeps growing.

JetX facts

Where to play?
VendorSmartSoft Gaming
Maximum bet€100
Minimum bet€0.1
Number of bets per round2
Minimum multiplier1,00x
Max gain10.000 per bet
Minimum odds for auto collect1,35x
Minimum flight height1
Maximum flight heightNot determined
Additional featuresRandom jackpots

Why is JetX one of the best gambling options?

In numerous JetX reviews, it is often praised as one of the best “earn games”, meaning that it is relatively easy to make profit on it. By the way, we’ve also noticed that it’s also called the “plane slot” or “Jet-X slot” by some people.

Another thing that is praised by reviewers is that Jet X casino game gives extra jackpots to lucky users, and you can even hit an ultimate Galaxy Jackpot, which is a special bonus feature that is activated when you make bets larger than €1.

However, it’s not the icing on the cake yet. 😉 Do you want to learn the primary benefits that you can enjoy while playing JetX? Here they are:


The gameplay is ultimately simple to learn and exciting to play.


Only you decide when to cash out — you just take what’s yours.


The max RTP of JetX is 98.8% and it pays better than any slot out there.


There are many games in this genre, but JetX is truly the king.

Is JetX legit?

JetX is produced by SmartSoft Gaming provider, which is a renowned and well respected company which produces only legal and fair casino slots. The outcomes of its rounds are determined by RNG, which stands for random number generator. That’s why the JetX slot is no place for scam. 😎

How to play JetX?

There is nothing complicated about JetX — the only thing you need is a little bit of intuition and luck. Here are three phases of the Jet X game:

  1. Jet is launching.
  2. Jet reaches higher.
  3. Jet explodes.

Now, let’s discuss in detail what happens on each of the three main stages of a regular JetX betting game round.

Stages: step-by-step gameplay explanation

  1. Preparation stage. The jet on the screen is welcoming the passengers who are boarding. It’s time to recall the Martingale technique and other strategies you know and place your initial bet. Optionally, you can place a second stake as well. However, keep in mind that this stage lasts about 10 seconds. So hurry up — the plane is taking off!
  1. Play stage. It’s where all the fun begins. As the plane flies higher, the multiplier becomes bigger and bigger. If you look at the screen attentively, you will see the passengers jump out, open their parachutes (if the jet flies for long enough, they will have to put on spacesuits), and escape. What’s going on? The point is that at some instant the burst mechanic will kick in and the jet will crash, voiding all the potentially earned money. Before it happens, you need to press the Collect button, which will cash out your sum at stake with a current multiplier.
  1. Final stage. The explosion of the plane indicates the end of the round. The lucky ones who cashed out at the right time are obtaining winnings, and the ones that waited too long are preparing to hit it big in the next round.

JetX and other games: comparison

Jet X is a new release, so it’s no wonder some players may be interested if it differs from slots and previous Crash-type titles. Well, we’ve learned everything for you! 😉

JetX VS regular slots: what’s better?

The main advantage of the new SmartSoft online game is that you’re always in control of your luck compared to any casino slot game. In regular slots as well as in progressive jackpot slot machines the results are determined randomly. However, the JetX bet game allows you to determine the amount of your win yourself.

Just think about it:

  • 💵 You decide how much to bet.
  • 🧐 It’s your choice if you want to make one or two stakes.
  • 💰 It’s up to you to catch the moment when to withdraw your funds.

Everything is in your hands!

The only thing that is randomly generated in JetX is the moment when the plane blows up, which adds an unpredictability factor, making the game exciting to play, for example at 1Red casino. Slot games and roulette simply don’t offer the same level of control over your luck!

What’s the difference between JetX, Aviator, and Crash?

The JetX Crash-type game and other similar titles are highly popular in the iGaming community. By the way, Crash was the pioneer of the genre.

So, is there any difference?

Essentially, all of these online games are based on the same core principles.

Well, if we compare JetX to Crash as well as JetX to Aviator, we’ll find out that JetX is far better in terms of design and also there are bonus and auto-cashout features that are not found in Aviator and Crash.

How do you win a JetX game?

Now you know how to play JetX, but another important question is how to win at it? 🤔

Well, let’s get it straight:

This is a game of chance, so there are really no tricks to win every single time — we would be straight up lying if we told you we have such a trick. However, there are some tips and techniques to help you minimize your risks.

Best tips to play JetX

  1. Decide on bets

Betting less can pay off really well if you catch a big multiplier, but it won’t be so upsetting to lose it (which will definitely happen more often).

On the contrary, big stakes are obviously more profitable when you get a large multiplier, but they can drain your budget really fast if you happen to be on a negative streak.

  1. Use JetX bonuses

May anything be more alluring than the chance of winning real money with bonus cash? Although a special JetX bonus is unlikely to be found, you can use other casino bonuses to play JetX.

  1. Consider our anti-advice

The last point is something that we don’t recommend that you do. Namely, we strongly suggest you avoid the so-called JetX predictor.

The tool description sounds promising — it’s claimed to predict the outcome of every round. However, the only goal of this online predictor is to steal your casino account. Your attempt to cheat will result in the distress when you’ll find yourself fooled by a scammer.

As mentioned before, no one can predict the moment when the JetX gravity will crash the plane. Patterns do not occur in the JetX aerospace, remember that!

Auto-withdrawal or manual withdrawal

If you have played online slots (which are easy and relaxing), you know about the auto-spin option. Well, JetX has absolutely the same tool. Players set a multiplier value at which their stakes will be cashed out automatically.

Some guides advise that you bet in the manual mode while setting the auto-collect on the second stake. Well, it’s up to you to decide but we can suggest another JetX strategy.

You see:

When you activate the auto-collect mode, nothing prevents you from removing your bets earlier, as soon as you feel the plane is going to crash. So, you can combine the auto-withdraw and manual techniques. It’s a nice note, isn’t it?

What is the Best JetX Strategy?

The most often used JetX strategies are aiming at certain multipliers and the Martingale technique. Nonetheless, some players try to invent their own slot principles. The best way to do that is to practise for free on the online betting sites.

However, if you haven’t played JetX before, it’s worth studying the famous strategies mentioned above first. Let us tell you a bit more about them.

High & low multipliers

  1. Betting high. One strategy players stick to is to make the maximum bet JetX accepts. Such gamers are absolutely confident in their luck and intuition. They take everything in their hands and hunt for big multipliers. Otherwise, it’s not so intriguing for them, you see?
  1. Betting low. Other slot fans claim that the best JetX techniques suggest that it’s better to cash out on a low multiplier. Surely, it doesn’t feel as grand compared to hitting an x200 multiplier, but trust us — it will save you a lot of money in the long term.
  1. Betting both. The third opinion also exists. You can set one stake for a low multiplier, and the other one for a high multiplier.

When to cash out


The JetX slot is a game of intuition. It’s up to your instincts to decide when that very moment comes. You may prefer betting high or low, but the plane crashes regardless of your plans.

👉 In case you feel a certain point must be reached but you don’t have enough time to react and catch the moment, use the auto-collect tool. Also, if you doubt your sixth sense or reaction a bit, you may try playing in demo mode first.

Applying the Martingale to JetX

If you are a seasoned player that has spent much time betting on roulette or slots, you must have heard about the Martingale technique. However, if you are a newbie, it will be useful for you to learn about this most famous strategy.

Wikipedia provides mathematical analysis of a JetX round, so you can find out the way this technique works if you are interested in it. Nonetheless, all you need to start using it is the core rules.

To be honest, it’s an extremely simple way to profit in real money slots. That’s how it works:

  1. You make a stake.
  2. You estimate the result and:
    • double it in case you lose.
    • opt for betting the same sum in case your choice is right.

The so-called Reverse Martingale strategy also exists, and it’s principle is exactly the opposite:

  1. You bet.
  2. You see the outcome and:
    • double the stake if you win.
    • make the same bet otherwise.

Fun fact: the Martingale betting strategy is used in investing as well. The way it works there is described on the Investopedia website briefly.

Best place to play JetX

If you are looking for a JetX casino, we would like to draw your attention to We have looked through different sites that check online gambling platforms and found out that the real money casino has entered:

  • the list of “Top 5 Crypto Casinos” on AskGamblers
  • the list of “Top 10 Best Bitcoin Casinos & Crypto Gambling Sites” on Analytics Insight
  • the list of the top 100 titles called “Best Bitcoin Casinos & Cryptocurrency Gambling Sites of 2022” on Casino Guru
  • our own top of JetX casinos (after we explored the official website)

Why is casino recommended? is included in the lists of the best slot casinos online on different review sites. So, what are its benefits for players? Well:

  • A reliable license. If gamers want to have their data protected and avoid scam sites, they play and bet their money in licensed casinos. The Curacao license is a great option, and loads of specialized websites like,, and plenty of others agree with it.
  • Crypto casino. Do you know about popular Bitcoin payments? They are available here, as well as 9 more cryptocurrencies.
  • Fast withdrawals. Speed of transactions is one of the primary benefits of digital coins.
  • A massive welcome bonus. A 100% of up to 1 BTC includes 100 free spins for slots as well.
  • Cashback. Getting up to 20% of your deposits as free cash sounds great, doesn’t it?
  • Profitable loyalty program. More money from cashback, a better percentage of the reload bonus, more free spins, and other advantages are provided.
  • Contribution to wagering. One of the most unpleasant casino strategies is to only consider online slots when it comes to bonus wagering. However, specialty games also contribute to wager in
  • Demo play. Any casino client can play for free after they insert their login and password and access their account.

How to play JetX for free

Demo version is available for JetX. 🤗 This is the option that allows you to play with virtual credits to learn the gameplay before you deposit real money. The JetX game simulation is essential for those who haven’t tried titles like it before. You can train, and the number of attempts is limitless.

We remind you of the opportunity to enjoy JetX demo play in the online casino. You only need to open your account with your login and password.

JetX betting game FAQ

  • What is JetX?

JetX is a fresh high-quality betting game for online players, which will bring you much fun!

  • How to play JetX?

Make a bet before the jet takes off and cash it before the jet crashes — the simplest gameplay ever! Enjoy the JetX Crash-type slot for free and for real money — it’s your choice!

  • Who produced the JetX game?

JetX is developed by SmartSoft Gaming, a renowned software provider.

  • How is the JetX win calculated?

The size of your winnings depends on the multiplier with which you cash out your stake. Here’s an example: you decide on betting €10 and then you cash out when the jet reaches 2x. It means that you have a 2x multiplier. Thus, your stake is doubled and you get €20. Simple as that!

  • How much can I win?

The max you can hit is a whopping 25,000x of your bet. By the way, slot fans can place stakes up to €100.

  • Are there any bonuses?

You can hit a jackpot while playing JetX! The random jackpots are awarded to active players.

  • How JetX Jackpots are played?

A jackpot could be credited to you at any time if you’re making stakes larger than €1 and if the minimum coefficient during the bet withdrawal is bigger than 1.4.

  • How to deposit money to JetX?

If you want to play the JetX game and try out the techniques you’ve learned in real money play mode, just register on a reputable online casino site. Replenishing your account balance is easy on good JetX gambling platforms.

  • How to withdraw money from JetX?

Simply press the Collect button while the jet is still flying, and your multiplied bet is withdrawn!

  • Is Jet X available on mobile devices?

Sure, many JetX players are fond of betting in this title on their mobile devices. You can play the free version and use real money, claim bonuses, and guess the moment when the plane crashes as you do on desktop.

  • Can I cheat in the JetX game?

No scam, no cheat! Neither an online casino, nor a player can get an unfair advantage over the other in this slot.

  • What are the best JetX casinos?

The casino is definitely the best platform for playing JetX. Demo mode, fast withdrawals, and multiple bonuses are available there. These are some of the reasons why choosing is the perfect strategy for getting a prize in JetX.