What to consider when searching for your perfect wedding makeup artist

As much as I like to think that once you’re engaged and you start planning your wedding, your wedding makeup artist is the first thing you’re going to think about, I know that’s not always the case… But once you have the “big things” organised like your venue, photographer, band and bridal alpacas (this is a thing. I have seen it with my own eyes), you will eventually think about the little bits and pieces that will help make your day extra special, and this is where your makeup artist comes in!


With makeup artistry becoming an increasingly popular profession, and everyone and their dog posting Instagram pictures and Youtube tutorials on a perfect glitter cut crease or “baking” (turns out this is not limited to Tuesday night GBBO binges), it has become difficult to sort the professionals from the inexperienced. Your wedding day is probably the only day of your life that is going to be photographed from beginning to end and will be looked back on for generations, so I think that’s a pretty good reason to find the makeup artist who is perfect for you!

Here are my top things to consider when searching for your perfect wedding makeup artist…



    You will probably have an idea in your head of how you want to look on your wedding day. And even if you don’t, you’ll certainly know what styles of makeup you really do or really don’t like. You might really like a makeup artist who does crazy contouring and bright eyeshadow with huge fluffy lashes, but unless that’s what you want to look like on your wedding day, they probably aren’t the one for you. Similarly, if you love carved out brows, spotlight eyes and highlighter as bright as the sun, don’t go for a makeup artist who has a more natural style. Although most makeup artists will be capable of doing any style of makeup, we definitely have our preferences, which is generally what we’ll show in our portfolios. So look at as many Instagrams, websites and facebooks as possible and find a style you like and can picture yourself wearing on your wedding day.


    Your makeup artist is one of the first people you will see on your wedding day. We arrive before you’ve even had your morning coffee and will be there until you’re in your dress and about to walk down the aisle, so it’s important that you can have some good chat. Some of my favourite wedding mornings have involved in-depth analysis of the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy (noir spoilers please!). If you want to make sure you’ll click, organise a trial before booking your date. That way you can meet, chat, and find out if you share a passion for red wine and Gilmore Girls.


    Every makeup artist works differently. I know some who will arrive at a wedding, do makeup and leave a couple of hours before the ceremony. Others will stay and help you get dressed, attach buttonholes, dry off flowers, keep your future mother in law calm, and stick boob tape all over dresses to keep everyone’s dignity intact. I am definitely the latter, which some brides like, but others prefer to be left to get on with the day themselves. It is entirely your choice, but it’s worth asking what they will help with on the wedding morning.

A makeup artist who you click with and who gets your style is worth their weight in gold, so take your time and do a bit of research. Getting pampered and glammed up for your wedding should be a relaxing experience for you and your bridal party, whilst we do the hard work (if you can call it that!).